The need for loud, swift action in response to John Kerry’s libelous statements about Israel

Yom Hashoah 2Today is Yom Hashoah — Holocaust Remembrance Day — a day on which Jews and all civilized people around the globe commemorate the 6 million who died at the hands of virulent antisemites. Israel takes this day very seriously.

For those unclear on the whole Israel concept (Obama, Kerry, and State Department, I’m speaking to you), Israel is the only liberal democracy within the Middle East. It’s the only nation in that region that allows all people to worship freely, that accords full rights to women, and that protects all minorities, including sexual and racial minorities, from discrimination, even while extending to them the full panoply of available civil rights. When its neighbors kicked out around 1,000,000 Jews in the years after 1948 in order to make their nations judenrein, Israel took in every single one of those refugees (distinguishing itself from the surrounding Arab nations who refused to take in the tens of thousands of Arabs who fled Israel after the UN recognized its statehood).

Showing what a crude bastard he is (which is separate from his being a stupid, malevolent, narcissistic gold digger), John Kerry chose Yom Hashoah as the day on which to announce that Israel is on the verge of becoming an apartheid state. This is is the same John Kerry, of course, who has been repeatedly stating that it’s all Israel’s fault that his misbegotten peace talks failed, never mind the fact that Palestinians demanded concessions before negotiations began, refused to give up anything, refused to negotiate, continued to celebrate mass murderers, and recently allied themselves with a terrorist group.

This is also the same John Kerry who appears incapable of realizing that the only reason that the Palestinian territories, Gaza, and the surrounding Arab nations aren’t apartheid nations is because they skipped the whole “discriminating against minorities” part.  Instead, they simply slaughtered or expelled their Jews and are now working towards the same end with their Christians.

John Kerry has gone from being merely a pathetic buffoon to becoming a grave national embarrassment, at least from the viewpoint of ordinary Americans who value freedom and recognize Israel as a light unto nations, especially situated as it is in the heart of the globe’s darkness.  Sadly, the only thing keeping Kerry in office is the fact that the Democrat Party power structure, from the President on down, wholeheartedly (and with increasing openness) agrees with Kerry’s sentiments.

Although Obama et al are becoming less coy about their old-fashioned, virulent antisemitism, they are not entirely immune to public pressure, provided that enough of the public puts pressure on them.  We are the public and it’s time for us to raise our voices.  The Emergency Committee for Israel has issued a good statement to that point:

On Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry raised the specter of Israel as an “apartheid state.” Even Barack Obama condemned the use of this term when running for president in 2008.

Yet this was no gaffe. Secretary Kerry’s musings on the Jewish state’s dire future have become a regular feature of his public remarks. His latest prediction follows other statements in recent months that have in effect threatened Israel — never the Palestinians — with a list of disasters should his diplomatic efforts fail: violence, isolation, delegitimization, boycotts — and now “apartheid.”

It is no longer enough for the White House to clean up after the messes John Kerry has made. It is time for John Kerry to step down as Secretary of State, or for President Obama to fire him. And it would go a long way toward repairing the damage Kerry has done if his predecessor as Secretary of State, who is the likely Democratic Party nominee for president, explained why this kind of rhetoric had no place in her State Department and why it will have no place in her presidential campaign.

If you would like to see John Kerry forcibly retired, call (202) 647-4000.

UPDATE:  This seems like an appropriate place for Dennis Prager’s video about the Middle East conflict:

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  1. jj says

    I would disagree with the Emergency Committee for Israel to this extent:  it was a gaffe.  Every time this singular sample of inbred New England patrician venal witlessness opens his mouth it’s a gaffe: you have no idea how stupid this man is.  He has a 45 watt bulb where most people have 75s.  He isn’t  vicious: it takes a brain to sustain viciousness.  He isn’t even mean and sleazy: that takes brains to sustain too.  He doesn’t have one!
    It doesn’t excuse any part of his act, but it isn’t fair to accuse him of motives he can’t generate, either.  I’ve told you before, but you really, honest-to-God – with no political orientation animus on my part at all – truly, genuinely, have no idea how stupid a man John Forbes Kerry really is.  We don’t believe it’s possible, (we don’t want to believe anybody this stupid can rise in this country), so we attribute what he does to some deep, dark scheme – and there just isn’t one.  He’s just stupid. 

    • says

      So what you are saying is he was once Swift boated but now he’s being Not So Swifted boated.
      Problem is he chose language deliberately used by the worst kinds of Israel haters. No one forced him. No one forced him to be Secretary of State either.  He did make  a charge where you assume he is speaking about the official position of the USA. We can appoint another Secretary of State to serve at the same time as Kerry and say the exact opposite thing. Normally that would not make sense but Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth anyway so this would be reflect his evolving views.

  2. Seanroconnor says

    John Kerry has reliably been on the wrong side of just about every important even in the past 40 years…you name it and he has most likely publicly espoused the wrong side of events.
    You would think that with just pure happenstance he would have found himself on the right side of history at least once but he seems to have a knack for picking the wrong side.

    • says

      Interesting point, Seanroconnor.  It makes me think of my mom.  She’s an ardent Israel supporter (having fought in the War of Independence), so that’s not why I think of her.  The reason I think of her is that her once extraordinary sense of direction has changed.  It hasn’t vanished; it’s reversed itself.  When I take her to an appointment or shopping, when she gets out of the car, 100% of the time she will head off in the dead wrong direction.  That’s what’s wrong with Kerry’s moral compass and intellectual ability:  they’ve reversed themselves, so that he will always be wrong.

      • says

        It’s called being evil on Kerry’s part, Book. Not that complicated. Random stupidity is at least right twice a day due to luck and variation. Evil isn’t so variation based or luck based.

  3. hazmat502 says

    I believe one needs to be held accountable, if this is the administrations view then come November I will remember who supported President Obama in this misguided view of the only stable country and supporter of democracy in the Middle East

  4. Call me Lennie says

    Why limit yourself to the Middle East, Book?  There’s a contiguous area of 14 million square miles, comprising the continent of Africa and the Middle East stretching to the border of India in which Israel represents the only stable, prosperous and free society.  And I would guess that at least 15-20 million people have been killed violently in the half century in this area since Israel reclaimed the West Bank.
    And what is beyond ironic is that the second safest and most prosperous haven for the supposedly downtrodden  people of this area was the apartheid state of South Africa.  Any reasonable analysis of this situation would be forced to conclude that the lives of black Africans in South Africa are far worse now than they were under white minority rule.  To be sure, apartheid was responsible for the deaths of 7,000 blacks, according to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but compare that to the 7 million who died in the African Great lakes region in the last 20 years or the 2.5 million killed by the government of Sudan, or the 1 million Nigerian Ibo killed by the starvation blockade , or the millions killed by the lunacies of Sodaam Inssein, or the tens of millions who died from the consequences of adoptingWestern Sexual morality, or the millions who died needlessly form the resurgence of malaria due to the banning of DDT.   When will they create a Reconciliation Commission for these events
    And so, in a development that transcends irony itself, if actual facts and logic were still persuasive in this world, Israel could actually embrace the label of apartheid as being the least of all evils

  5. Caped Crusader says

    So, I think the consensus here is that the broken clock in the head of Kerry is not even correct twice daily–quite a feat! Give the man credit for something! He could even get worse, with that marvelous achievement.

  6. Charles Martel says

    A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “What’s with the long face?”
    John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “What’s with the long face?”
    The man is now a punchline.


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