• 11B40


    Shouldn’t there be a third column for “Islam” ???

    Islam is the millstone. It is nothing more than the globalization of 7th Century A.D. predatory Arab tribal culture under a thin veneer of religion. If you plan doesn’t include constraining, undermining, or eradicating Islam, you don’t have a plan. What you have is a hope.

  • sabawa

    The lady next to me on the treadmill, most mornings, loves Obama. She thinks he’s brilliant. He never makes a wrong move. She thinks Sedona, Az is an amazing place that just happened. She bemoans the fact that lots of horrible things are occurring right now. She doesn’t believe there is evil in the world…..just a few bad people. Hamas using their children as props in a never ending war is just a ‘few bad people”? If she could just hear herself……….!

  • Charles Martel

    sabawa, not that your gym mate has even a passing acquaintance with logic, but if there is no (none, zilch, nada) evil in the world, where do a “few bad people” come from? How does she determine what’s “bad?” Not to her taste? A rogue touch of evil that still discredits the notion of evil itself?

    I was at a dinner party last night and the hostess, who always throws in a Jon Self-Hating-Jew Stewart reference, noted how clever Stewart was at presenting the Israel-Hamas conflict in terms of a group of squabbling, yelling people who would leap up behind Stewart whenever he attempted to calmly discuss the topic. The hostess offered this as an incredibly clever insight into what is wrong with the situation, namely, that the sides in conflict are talking past each other. I offered a definition of and a solution to an irreconcilable difference of opinion: “It’s called war. In war, once one side silences the other, the conflict of opinion ceases. Now, which side would you like to prevail?”

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  • lifeguard21

    Didn’t the Nazis have the Hitler youth? Granted, I don’t think they saw much, if any action until the very end of the war, but Hitler did not seem above using them.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      That’s a good point, but I think slightly different. Hitler saw them as a vital factor in the Nazification of Germany, and definitely viewed them as proto-warriors who would bear arms when they matured. However, unlike Hamas, he never desired their deaths as part of his battle strategy. They were more valuable to him alive than dead. The reverse, of course, is true in Gaza.

      • Libby

        Especially when you factor in the way that Palestinian suicide bombers are lauded as heroes. Closer to a death cult than a proud, strong army.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    This just means the Nazis were never the bogeyman the Left painted them as. They were less.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    The Nazis did send Hitler Youth, and other young boys, into battle,. An SS Panzer division, formed from 17-year-olds in the Hitler Youth, was formed after Stalingrad, and younger boys were sent into combat in the last stages of the war, when it was obvious that Germany had already lost.

    Boys as young as 15 were drafted into the anti-aircraft service; a considerable number of girls also served in these units, which of course became Allied bombing and strafing targets when they were located.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      David, I agree that the Nazis put teenagers into combat situations, with the danger increasing (as you said) as they lost more and more adult troops and needed to fill the void. Only Hamas, though, doesn’t view its children even as potential fighters. Instead, especially with the very young ones (infants, toddlers, and little children), it believes that their corpses have the greatest utility for “the cause” and, in accordance with that tactical view, works hard to get them killed.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Hammer, I think that I would define “intellectual rapture” as being a fly on the wall when you decide to interject yourself into the conversation at a DemProg-hosted social soiree with your slice and dice Tepanyaki-style analyses.