VICE News uses one illegal immigrant to push anti-Trump propaganda

VICE News’ sob story about an illegal immigrant forced to cross legally into Canada to escape the evil Trump was truth to Leftist, but propaganda to me.

Illegal immigrant immigration sanctuary citiesThe other night, I found myself sitting with a Progressive friend and watching VICE News, which is a Bill Maher production that runs on HBO. In other words, a savvy viewer understands that the producer is a hard Left Progressive who is pushing his beliefs on a cable channel that has a relentlessly hard Left orientation. VICE’s story about the sufferings an illegal immigrant forced to go to Canada was no exception.

The story (not a news report, but a story) focused on a poor El Salvadoran man who’s been living in the US illegally for seventeen years; got married to a woman who is here legally, although she’s apparently not an American citizen; and has two young children. The children, presumably, have been enjoying the benefits, such as they are, of growing up in America.

According to the immigrant (whose name I have forgotten), were he to return to El Salvador, he would have only two choices: join a gang or watch his family be killed. However, with Donald Trump in office threatening actually to enforce the laws of the land, the immigrant is too frightened to stay in America and has decided, instead, to go to Canada. Although Trump has been president for less than two months, there’s already a new underground railroad through Leftist churches to make it easy for him to do so.

As the story progresses, we see the immigrant sitting alone in a Buffalo safe house; we hear the minister going on about his church’s role in the slave-era Underground Railway; we see his cute children badmouthing Trump; and we see his entire family decide to make the journey to Canada so that they can stay together. As part of all this, VICE, with tears it its eyes, and without any apparent irony, talks about the difficult hurdles he’ll have to cross because of Canada’s strict immigration laws. Canada’s strict border enforcement is somehow mutated into a good thing because it has the possibility of mercy, while America’s attempt at reinstating existing border laws just a fraction as strict as those in Canada is the ultimate evil.

I shouldn’t be surprised at this risible lack of logic. After all, this kind of reasoning comes from the same people who demonize cigarettes and champion pot smoking. They’ve moved beyond the stricture that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. To them, any consistency is a sign of retrograde, conservative, troglodyte thinking.

Unlike my friend, I’m not a Progressive. I got irritated watching this tale of woe. Indeed, I came down hard on the side of the rule of law. I pointed out to the friend with whom I was watching that, the immigrant’s sob story notwithstanding, I was more interested in the American sob stories VICE didn’t show. These are the stories of the people killed or raped by illegal immigrants, the acts of pedophilia the do against America’s children, as well as the sorrowful stories of those American blacks who are consigned to gang-filled slums (the same types of slums the El Salvadoran refuses to return to) because illegal immigrants have squeezed them out of low wage jobs.

It seems to me that a government’s first duty is to its citizens, rather than to all the hard luck cases in the world. The fact is that the vast majority of the world is a hard luck case. Bringing everyone here will not raise the world up; it will bring us down. The best that we can do is to export our values in the hope that other countries can rise up too and that they can get the benefit of their citizens’ intelligence, ambition, energy, and innovation, rather than sending those same citizens away to live as illegals in another land sending money home to prop up corrupt and inefficient governments.

In many ways, what was more interesting than the VICE segment itself was the fact that the Progressive friend with whom I was watching could not wrap her mind around the fact that this, in fact, was propaganda. “It’s the truth,” she insisted. “This is as evil as Jim Crow.” Her emotions were engaged and she was unable to distinguish between slavery and border control; resisted any comparison between Canadian border control and American border control; and said it was unfair to talk about crimes some illegals might have committed, because this particular El Salvadoran was clearly a good man.

To her, there was no point of view, no propaganda, no possibility of “alternative facts.” There was only the narrative.

  • Danny Lemieux

    We live in a very dangerous age of delusional thinking. Eventually, reality will reassert itself with these people. It won’t end well.

    • MichaelAdams

      The thing that has moved from annoying to downright scary is that the delusions now dominate. Zachriel can believe all the idiocy they want to believe, and may even live to outgrow it. However, there are people who demand, RIGHT NOW, that we act on their delusional thinking.

      These are not just random delusions, either. They are shaped by an alternate universe of propaganda, a world in which the government owns us and our property, and allows us to keep what the government thinks we need. They are not all young and innocent, either. I can remember fifteen years ago, a rather intelligent lady, now in her mid-eighties, decrying tax cuts, “for the rich” because they don’t need more money. Remember, what was being proposed was a cut for everyone, which would (and did) leave more money in private hands, some to be spent, some to be invested. The result was economic growth, which only ended when the mortgage banking scandal, a product of economic machinations, brought everything to a screeching halt.

      There are two approaches to socialism. One, Mrs Thatcher’s, (deontological) is that socialism is immoral, because it robs people of what is rightfully theirs. I definitely agree, but I rather favor the other one, (teleological) which is that no government official, even a deeply moral one, can know enough to make all the financial decisions for everyone. Of course, none of them are that moral; they all like to dispense a bit of largess here and there to their favored few, but the practical reality is that economic planning creates poverty, everywhere, every time. When the plan fails to deliver, the failure is the result of sabotage, even the sabotage of noticing that the plan is failing.

      That is the scary part, that there can be no correction, no deviation, from whatever disastrous course the Leader has decreed.

  • RobertArvanitis

    They are all emotional vampires on the Left:
    Give them statistics and they whine “what about real people…?”
    Give them real people and they cry “that’s just one example…”
    The Christian West has had to deal with such “invincible ignorance” since the 3rd century AD:

  • Zachriel

    Bookworm: It seems to me that a government’s first duty is to its citizens, rather than to all the hard luck cases in the world. The fact is that the vast majority of the world is a hard luck case.

    • Danny Lemieux

      It is the norm, in fact, something that too many Prog-American ingrates cannot comprehend.

    • Dannz

      This is dirty propaganda implying border controls will lead to genocide. I’m sure St Louis Manifest leave their doors unlocked at night, if they have any doors.

    • MacG
    • Danny Lemieux

      It appears that the Z group has found renewed support from the anti-Trump, Soros-funded “resistance” movement. Seems that Trump is creating jobs and employment at all levels of society. Even the lowest.

  • Libby_CO

    Reminds of this story last month about refugees braving the cold to enter Canada thanks to Trump. One of the refugees profiled, Ahmed, was so scared for his safety in Somalia he traveled through Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico to get to the US in 2014, but has now fled to Canada. Oddly, he wasn’t concerned for the safety of his wife and three children (including an infant) whom he left behind in his unsafe village. But the article wants us to feel sorry for Ahmed. Huh.

  • Faragon

    I regret to say I am unable to repose any faith in Maher’s tale or, really, any of these tales. You mentioned it in passing, but allow me to elucidate: I live about eight feet from Canada; I’m over there all the time, and they are serious, unsmiling hardasses about that border. They won’t even let you in for a weekend visit if you have a DUI in your past, let alone are devoid of papers or authentication of any kind. I have seen people invited to turn around and go back to where they came from, and there was nothing jocular about it. One of the requirements they have for moving on up is that you have to demonstrate that you won’t be a flat tire on the wheel of progress: you better have a bank account or assets to sell that’ll support you. There is no moving in to throw yourself on the mercy of the state, or go on their version of welfare. If you have a job, it better be a job that only you can do: you are not going to take a job away from a Canadian. (Kind of like the way England used to be.) I have sufficient difficulty believing this story to cause me to not believe it: if these people were here illegally, then they’re not getting into Canada, unless they swim ashore as refugees. (They are nicer to legitimate refugees.) Canadian border people, in my (fairly vast) experience, expect you to be self-sufficient, in no danger of becoming a drag on their economy, and have your damn papers in order. People who don’t meet any of those conditions are not looked upon kindly.

    • David Swartz

      I’m on the Canadian side of the border and while you as an American get put through the wringer crossing the border a refugee can get in and receive all the social benefits a Canadian citizen gets plus government paid for housing and legal help.Once here even if they are involved in criminal activity it’s nearly impossible to deport them.

  • bradind

    Reminds me of an article in a Boston paper a decade or two ago, in which a baby was being pulled away from the illegal alien mother as she was being deported. Not sure what happened to the baby; I guess they just tossed into the rubbish bin.

  • talgus

    a full engaged emotion has no truth/falsehood gauges. The US is the only country that mostly allows (does not enforce laws) anybody to come and partake in free living due to the diverse set of citizens and their tolerance for damn near anything. the legal requirements for immigrants is difficult if not impossible everywhere. Just not enforced in the US. Mexico’s requirements for visitors to be allowed to work should be reciprocated upon its citizens that insist on residing in the US. Or toss them back. rudely.