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Victorian posy of pansiesPalestinians only destroy.  Israelis not only create, they resurrect.  It’s amazing to see sophisticated plumbing emerge from the earth after 12 centuries.

Even the New York Times is being forced to tell the truth about those new Obamacare policies — they’re really expensive.  In isolation, high deductibles might not be a problem because, absent a chronic illness, they’re not a sure thing, they’re a maybe, and people will gamble on maybes.  The problem is high deductibles paired with high premiums, all for a smaller pool of doctors and hospitals.  Of course, you do get birth control for that money, but I’m not sure that the average family, facing thousands more in premiums and deductibles is going to appreciate that, thanks to Obamacare, they’ll no longer be out a couple of hundred annually in birth control payments.

Barry Rubin, who knows as much about Islam as any man living, looks at the West’s failure to understand that Islam is made up of two houses:  one of peace (for those who have bowed down to its tyranny) and one of war (for those who have not).  This world view has no room for compromise.  Those who do not fight have already lost.

Time Online, of all publications, unearthed the fact that, back in the 1990s, ACORN sued California to be exempted from minimum wage laws.  Its reason:  “[P]aying its workers more would require the group to reduce headcount and would make its workers less sympathetic to the poor.”  Yeah, it’s funny how that works:  if you force employers to pay more, they hire fewer people, and these hard workers, surprisingly, seem to become less sympathetic to those who are sitting around, often for generations, collecting the dole.  I told one of my Little Bookworms yesterday that the laws of economics are as unfailing as the laws of physics.  When you first jump off a cliff, you may think you’re flying, but you’re really falling.  And when your government distorts the marketplace, the short team benefits invariably give way to real world wealth loss.  (Hat tip:  Tom Elia.)

In most people’s minds, Quakers and pacifism are inextricably intertwined.  That’s not the case anymore, as Quakers have become one of the staunchest supports of Palestinians.  These Palestinians:

Palestinians proudly display bloodied hands from murdering Jews

Palestinians proudly display bloodied hands from murdering Jews

A civilian bus after a Palestinian homicide attack

A civilian bus after a Palestinian homicide attack

The aftermath at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Massacre

The aftermath at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Massacre

I said in an earlier post, and I’ll say again here:  The Left makes inroads into institutions, while conservatives abandon them.  Theirs is the better tactic.  Or, as I’ve also said before, Leftists have horrible ideals and great tactics; conservatives have great ideals and horrible tactics.

Breitbart’s Big Government

For reasons that make no sense to me, I don’t go to Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site as often as I should.  Wait, I take that back.  I know precisely why I don’t go:  it’s an incredible repository of closely researched and factually supported articles detailing the way in which the Obami conduct themselves.  What that means is that the content depresses me.

But really, that’s all the more reason for me — and everyone else  — to check it out on a regular basis.  We need to know what’s going on.  With a government this corrupt, and this intent on subverting America’s fundamental liberties, if we turn our heads away for only an instant, we risk irreparable damage.  This is the Left.  They move hard, fast and dishonestly.  Only with constant vigilance can we protect ourselves.

As f0r today’s reading at that stellar site, I’d like to recommend strongly the following articles:

AP Whitewashes My Public Statement on Whitewashed ACORN Investigation

Obama Colluding With Left to Subvert His Own Afghan War Policy

Fistgate: Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s 2000 Conference Promoted ‘Fisting’ to 14 Year-Olds

They are the perfect trio to reveal the media corruption, government corruption and politically correct education corruption that we must see and fight.

Re ACORN: What did the press know and when did it know it?

At Big Government today, Evan Coyne Maloney, another of the young conservative guns who uses modern media techniques to bring down Democratic dinosaurs, asks how it is that the media completely missed the ACORN scandal.  Maloney thinks that political correctness created the blinders media figures wore.  To the extent that ACORN is a black organization that services mostly black constituents, reporters simply were unable to make themselves say the unsayable to the American public — that it is corrupt through and through.  I think Maloney’s article is definitely worth reading, because he’s right about the media’s inability to get beyond its assumption that people of color and other “disadvantaged” people are always correct.  It’s the media’s own court of law:  innocent until proven guilty, except that we’ll never try to prove you guilty.

There is, however, a strong possibility that, as to ACORN, Maloney is being too generous when he ascribes the mental rot of political correctness to the journalistic class as a way of excusing their gross malfeasance.  Michael P. Tremoglie, who tried to break the ACORN scandal before Obama’s election, has no doubt but that the media’s wall of silence was a deliberate effort on their part to ensure that their candidate of choice would not be derailed (h/t Zhombre):

No one should believe that the liberal mainstream media “missed” the most recent ACORN scandal. They did not “miss it.”

When I broke the news on March 30 about the New York Times spiking the information they had about ACORN working with the Obama campaign (http://thebulletin.us/articles/2009/03/30/top_stories/doc49d0a73c7f98e547489394.txt), it went national, like the current scandal, only because of the Fox News Channel and talk radio.

I was working as a journalist for the Philadelphia Bulletin* at the time. An ACORN whistleblower said that the NY Times reporter to whom she had been feeding information to about ACORN told her the editors did not want to use information about collusion between ACORN and the Obama campaign. The editors said it could be a “game changer” – meaning adversely affecting Obama’s campaign.

What’s even worse, because we’ve long suspected that the modern media shapes elections, is the scathing indictment Tremoglie levels at the Republicans:  they were complicit, because they were afraid they’d be called racists.  In other words, it wasn’t media political correctness that kept the lid on the story, it was Republican political correctness.

Republicans continue to confound me with their stupidity when it comes to labels.  They haven’t figured out that, no matter what they do, the MSM will tar them as racist, sexist, homophobic warmongers.  If you’re going to be lambasted anyway, at least do something principled to earn the name-calling from your political enemies.  Instead, though, the Republicans always fall meekly in line, and then preserve a gentlemanlike silence when their “good intentions” are ignored, and the insults come flying anyway.

ACORN and government control

When I was in high school, we spent a great deal of time studying Tammany Hall, not just because the school wanted us to understand that government is inherently corrupt, but because of the charming George Washington Plunkitt and his wonderful autobiography, Plunkitt of Tammany Hall.  In it, with almost child-like innocence, he freely confesses to the most heinous kind of political corruption, always assuring his emanuensis (a newspaper reporter who lucked out with the interview) that he wasn’t really corrupt at all — he was just serving the people or taking intelligent advantage of available opportunities.

ACORN lacks that charm, but is in every way Tammany Hall’s equal.  Indeed, ACORN far surpasses Tammany Hall, in that it’s not just a single corrupt political entity, but is, instead, a far-reaching organization that touches every aspect of American political life, and always in the most criminal and corrupt ways.  If it were just a money skimming organization, this corruption might be disgusting, but tolerable.  What makes it so appalling, and so anti-Democratic, though, is that it’s fashioned itself into an arm of the Democratic party, and has used its illegal practices to affect the outcome of elections.  (I count myself amongst those who believe that Al Franken’s presence in the Senate comes about, not because he was elected by a majority of voters, but because ACORN controlled voting, and a partisan Democratic controlled the Secretary of State’s office.)

My screed here about ACORN doesn’t arise in a vacuum.  As Earl Aagaard reminded me, just last week, IBD wrote an editorial about the results of a congressional investigation into ACORN’s doings, and the facts are not pretty:

[The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's] more-than-80-page report charges that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Acorn) uses “a complex structure designed to conceal illegal activities” — 361 different entities in 120 cities, 43 states and the District of Columbia, amounting to a “shell game” that “diverts taxpayer and tax-exempt monies into partisan political activities.”

The group has over the last 15 years received in excess of $53 million in federal funds. Moreover, as the report warns, “under the Obama administration, Acorn stands to receive a whopping $8.5 billion in available stimulus funds.”

Acorn’s improprieties, of course, are not news. As Issa’s report notes, a third of the 1.3 million voter registration cards the organization solicited and presented in 2008 ended up being null and void; the group has been investigated for voter registration fraud in places such as Connecticut, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio.

You’d think that, with this level of corruption, someone — the media, politicians, etc., would be up in arms, but you’d be wrong.  They’d be up in arms if this was a money or sex corruption issue.  However, since it’s a corruption issue that strongly favors one political party over the other, and that party just happens to control the House, the Senate and the White House, the response is different:  as you see, Obama is funneling almost $9 billion dollars to his friends.

In addition, as you’ve read before, ACORN is going to control the upcoming census:

Yet this corrupt outfit has actually been signed up as a national partner with the U.S. Census Bureau to help recruit the nearly 1.5 million workers who will count and classify our 306 million population for 2010. It’s like getting a car thief to manage a parking garage.

You can imagine that the census numbers will permanently create vast Democratic voting districts, and identify funding needs that serve only Democratic products.  If this keeps going, by 2011, we’ll have lapsed permanently into a Banana Republic, headed by the chief banana himself, Barack Obama.

If you’re not worried, you should be.

Obama administration tries to tamper with the census — again

The census is mandated by the United States Constitution as a way to ensure that the House of Representatives has a proper, proportional representation to the citizens of each state.  For more than two centuries, American people have assumed that, while all systems are flawed, the government nevertheless carried out the census honestly.  All that is about to change, in one of the greatest behind-the-scenes power grabs in history.  After failing to get the census under Rahm-bo’s control, the Obama administration has a newer, even more nefarious plan:

[T]he Obama administration has decided to allow ACORN — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now! — to “help” recruit the roughly 1.4 million temporary workers needed to count every American.

Gee, ACORN, low-level field workers, and government forms to be filled out by individuals: Why does this have “disaster” written all over it?

Could it be because, during the last couple of election cycles, ACORN’s people have been caught submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms? That ACORN staffers have been tried for and convicted of election tampering? That their latest cause has been invading homes that have been foreclosed and re-sold, and “restoring” them to their prior owners?

ACORN’s results in voter registration have been amazing — if you count only raw numbers. Once those numbers are “corrected,” the results are considerably less impressive. And the expense of those corrections are borne not by ACORN, but by the communities that have to wade through thousands of fraudulent forms. This past presidential election, one community in particular, Lake County, Illinois, received over 5,000 registration forms from ACORN. County officials waded through 2,100 of them without finding a single valid one, and chose to dump them all.

As J. G. Thayer reminds us:

[E]xtremely close attention must be paid to how the Obama administration handles the census. It’s rare for politicians to tip their hands this blatantly — especially twice — and we must not ignore the warnings.

Fine thoughts from other people

I had a lovely time last night at a reception on the Bonhomme Richard, and plan on writing about it later today.  However, other work calls, so I thought I’d fill this space with recommendations for interesting stuff you may want to read.  In no particular order:

William Katz, a witty, erudite man who has absorbed much from traveling through the past few decades, deconstructs the way the Left is using the concept of “guilt by association” to insulate Obama from much-deserved criticism.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Mr. Katz, spend some time with Jesse Jackson.  We’ve always known he’s an antisemite, but with the prospect of a similar thinking White House administration, he’s oozing out of the closet. As you read the article, keep in mind that Jackson is promising that an Obama administration will turn its back on the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, and will ally itself with some of the worst theocratic totalitarian dictatorships, not just in the region, not just in the world, but in the history of the world.

Jonah Goldberg points out the obvious (but does it does charmingly):  Republicans are so frightened by Obama’s skin-color, and the risk of appearing non-PC, that they are allowing him to get away with political murder.  We all know that, when it comes to Obama, there’s only one color that matters, and that is Red.

Thomas Sowell nails the liberal horror of the long-standing American tradition of “going negative” in political elections: “Why then is ‘negative advertising’ such a big deal these days? The dirty little secret is this: Liberal candidates have needed to escape their past and pretend that they are not liberals, because so many voters have had it with liberals.”

Michael Reagan provides a good run-down of Ayers’ relevance to this election, and it has nothing to do with his having bombed buildings when Barack was 8.

IBD neatly summarizes why ACORN matters so much.  And if that analysis doesn’t sway you, check out the Wall Street Journal on precisely the same point.

You can run, but you can’t hide *UPDATED*

In a video world, you can run but you can’t hide from your record.  Here’s Obama promising to let ACORN and other Ailinsky style community organizers help shape his agenda:

Increasingly, as the election draws near, the problem isn’t Obama’s record, which is leaking out like oil from a bad engine, but making people care about that record.  Next week, I’ll have at American Thinker (or here) an article about that problem.

Hat tip:  Ace of Spades

UPDATEKim Priestap has more on the subject of ACORN, including a quotation from a retired Pennsylvania judge who fears that ACORN has irrevocably corrupted the system.

Incidentally, everyone talks about ACORN creating fraudulent registrations, but no one talks about the fact that they are all Democratic registrations.  As someone said in a comment, that’s got to affect all the polling, because the polls are weighted in favor of Democrats now to reflect all these so-called registered Democrats.  If these people don’t show up on election day (since even the most fervent fraudsters will have a hard time showing up in 72 places on one day), well, it may be a reprise of “Dewey beats Truman.”