Obama’s press conference shows he views the Republican tide as a mandate for him to act unilaterally

emperor_obamaSince 2007, I’ve been saying that Obama isn’t a mere narcissist but is, instead, a malignant narcissist. He worships at his own altar and is, in his own mind at least, infallible. The manifests itself most obviously in the fact that, once he’s set himself on an intellectual or behavioral path, he is incapable of change — or at least, incapable of change based upon external critique and criticism. To a narcissist, any such external input must either be ignored or twisted so that it conforms to the narcissists own immutable infallibility.

Everything that I just wrote is highly abstract. If you want to see it played out concretely before your eyes, though, you can do so simply by checking in with the Obama press conference.

The first indication that you’re dealing with a narcissist, rather than a balanced person is the thin skin he shows.  A good example occurs when Obama picks a fight with a reporter for daring to ask him about his future plans now that there’s a new sheriff in town. (This clip has the bonus of an almost incoherently inarticulate Obama, forced to respond on the fly, instead of reading off his TelePrompter.)

Another sign of his narcissism is his effort (failed, I might add) to imply that his lack of communication with Mitch McConnell was somehow McConnell’s fault for failing to talk to Boehner.  And no, that makes no sense unless, like a trapped rat, you’re desperately seeking any escape from the consequences of your own conduct:

Most significantly, though, in terms of the narcissism charge is the fact that, rather than being chastened by the Republican roar across America, Obama made it clear that, in his own mind, he’s still in the driver’s seat and Republicans will have to work with him, rather than vice versa:

Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign. I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like. That’s natural. That’s how our democracy works.

But we can surely find ways to work together on issues where there’s broad agreement among the American people. So I look forward to Republicans putting forward their governing agenda. I will offer my ideas on areas where I think we can move together to respond to people’s economic needs.

Obama’s sense that he’s still king of the world came through most clearly in his declaration that he intends to go through with mass amnesty for illegal aliens:

In terms of immigration, I have consistently said that it is my profound preference and interest to see Congress act on a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would strengthen our borders, would streamline our legal immigration system so that it works better and we’re attracting the best and the brightest from around the world, and that we give an opportunity for folks who’ve lived here, in many cases for a very long time, may have kids who are U.S. citizens, but aren’t properly documented, give them a chance to pay their back taxes, get in the back of the line, but get through a process that allows them to get legal.

The Senate on a bipartisan basis passed a good bill. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it was a sound, smart piece of legislation that really would greatly improve not just our immigration system but our economy and would improve business conditions here in the United States and make sure that American-born workers aren’t undercut by workers who are undocumented and aren’t always paid a fair wage and as a consequence, employers who are breaking the rules are able to undercut folks who are doing the right thing.

So, we got a bipartisan bill out of the Senate. I asked John Boehner at that point, can we pass this through the House? There’s a majority of votes in the House to get this passed. And Speaker Boehner, I think was sincere about wanting to pass it, but had difficulty over the last year getting it done. So, when he finally told me he wasn’t going to call it up this year, what I indicated to him is I feel obliged to do everything I can lawfully with my executive authority to make sure that we don’t keep on making the system worse, but that whatever executive actions that I take will be replaced and supplanted by action by Congress. You send me a bill that I can sign, and those executive actions go away.

That’s a commitment I made not just to the American people and to businesses and evangelical community, law enforcement folks, and everybody who’s looked at this issue and thinks that we need immigration reform, that’s a commitment that I also made to John Boehner, that I would act in the absence of action by Congress.

So, before the end of the year, we’re going to take whatever lawful actions that I can take, that I believe will improve the functioning of our immigration system, that will allow us to surge additional resources to the border, where I think the vast majority of Americans have the deepest concern.

And at the same time, I’ll be reaching out to both Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and other Republican as well as Democratic leaders to find out how it is that they want to proceed. And if they want to get a bill done, whether it’s during the lame duck or next year, I am eager to see what they have to offer.

But what I’m not going to do is just wait. I think it’s fair to say that I have shown a lot of patience and have tried to work on a bipartisan basis as much as possible. And I’m going to keep on doing so. But in the meantime, let’s figure out what we can do lawfully though executive actions to improve the functioning of the existing system.

Lots of words there, but it boils down to this: I, King Obama, want amnesty. Because of Republican intransigence, Congress failed give me amnesty. I’m going to take this election, in which the American people voted in overwhelming numbers to elect Congress people who are opposed to amnesty, as a sign that the people do not want Congress to touch the issue.  Instead, they want me to handle the matter on my own. I therefore have a mandate to sign an executive order unilaterally granting mass amnesty to the illegal aliens in this country.

If you have the patience to read the transcript of his press conference, you’ll see this theme appear over and over again: Obama believes that, when Americans sent Democrat politicians packing, they weren’t repudiating Democrat policies but were, instead, sending a message that they want Obama to enforce Democrat policies unilaterally.

And that’s what a malignant narcissist looks like in real time.

Obama: Empty chair or “true clinical, pathological narcissist” — or both?

Clint Eastwood talks to Empty ChairPractically from Day 1 of Obama’s presidency, I’ve been calling him a pathological, or clinical, or malignant narcissist.

There’s no there there, I said.  This is an empty man whose only goal is self-aggrandizement to fill the black hole that exists where a healthy person would have a functioning ego.

There’s a compulsive liar there, I said, one who will always say whatever he needs to say to protect himself from being forced to look into that psychic black hole at any given moment.

There’s a vicious person there, I pointed out, when who will denigrate anyone and everyone, and jettison all his friends, so long as he can continue to assure himself that he’s better than everyone else — since he knows deep inside that the reality is an empty psychic space where a healthy ego would normally be found.

There’s a master manipulator there, I noted, a person who, lacking normal emotional responses, is nevertheless adept at analyzing and manipulating other people’s emotions for his own benefit.

There is a dangerous, empty, vicious man there, I said.

Clint Eastwood said it too, when he addressed an empty chair at the RNC.  His used a visual to bring life to the notion that there’s no there there.  Obama is indeed a black hole, an empty suit, a little man, a narcissist.  In an office environment, he would be the boss everyone hates and the colleague everyone learns to distrust.  But as the head of a nation, he’s very, very dangerous.

Bill Whittle gets it too, as he spells out Obama’s emptiness in one of his more masterful videos:

A thought to chew over regarding our President

I believe Obama is a textbook narcissist — probably malignantly so. The easiest way to think about a narcissist is to understand that each one of them is his own God. Theirs is binary world, with acolytes and enemies. They never lie, as non-narcissists understand a lie, because a narcissist’s truth is defined by the needs of the moment. The same is true for ordinary morality and ethics. The narcissist isn’t bound by them because he is responsible only to a higher power — himself.

Here’s something, though, that you might not have known about narcissists: they get worse as they get older, with the years after 50 seeing an acceleration, especially if the narcissist is disappointed or crossed. I call narcissism “cancer of the personality.” It’s a progressive disease (no pun intended), that gets exponentially worse with time. The difference between narcissism and actual cancer is that the latter destroys the one with the diagnosis, while the former destroys everyone else.

Just something to think about as you contemplate the possibility of an older, angry, unfettered Obama in the White House for a second term.

Obama’s self love *UPDATED*

Yesterday, the blogosphere was abuzz with Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry’s story about Barack Obama’s assurance to him that the Democrats wouldn’t have to follow Bill Clinton’s 1994 model and pull to the center.  Why not?  Because, said Obama, “the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.”  I was not at all surprised to read that Obama said that.  As I’ve written consistently from the beginning, Obama is not a mere narcissist, he’s a malignant narcissist.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who wanted desperately to be loved, and would do anything to maintain that love, including abandoning his more extreme political beliefs, Obama has found his great love already:  himself.  Those around him, unless they genuflect to him, are knaves, fools, parasites and enemies.  It is almost impossible for him to accommodate himself to them, because he so deeply disrespects them.  There’s room in Obama’s life for only one successful person, and that is Obama.  Anyone else’s success is a threat and must immediately be countered and destroyed.

What did surprise me, though, was the fact that the image every single conservative site used to illustrate the Marion Berry story came, not from a clever photoshopper (as I had first supposed), but from the White House’s own flickr site.  Here’s the photo:

Here we have the most narcissistic president ever, and his people couldn’t resist including in their official photos the quintessential narcissist pose.  Compare that photograph with this classic image from Michelangelo:


If the White House wasn’t aware of the comparisons that are routinely drawn between Obama and Narcissus, it should have been.  Google “Obama Narcissus” and you get 67,900 results.  Google “Obama Narcissist” and you get 143,000 1.46 million results.*  The more rarefied search of “Obama malignant narcissist” still yields 37,500 results (and, I hasten to add, not all of those 37,500 results are to my own posts about the man).  People are noticing that Obama’s self-regard is transcendent.

I’ve been thinking back on my posts about Obama’s malignant narcissism, and I have to give myself credit for accurately predicting the man’s behavior.  In July 2008, I took on Obama’s little habit of lying, something that’s been on display most recently when he issued a bald-faced denial that he had anything to do with the White House negotiated deal giving unions a free pass on their Cadillac plans, while passing those costs on to every other working stiff.  I predicted precisely that behavior when I said:

[T]he malignant narcissist has only one truth:  his immediate needs.  Everything else subordinates itself to those needs.  The narcissist, therefore, at any given moment, will convince himself that the facts surrounding him, and the history backing him, are completely congruent with his need right now.  He is his own moral compass, he is the truth, the way and the light.

Back in August 2008, when the Obamabots mounted an attack on Stanley Kurtz for having the temerity to investigate Obama’s role in the Annenberg Challenge, I pointed out that, when narcissists debate, their own needs and feelings are always ground zero in the discussion — and I added that Obama had so far shown that this was his preferred style of debate:

[Obama] has a staggering level of self-involvement that has him seeing himself as the center of the universe and with everything revolving around him.  In his own mind, he’s better than everyone else and (unsurprisingly, given their inevitable jealously and small-mindedness about his extraordinary virtues) everyone is evil and out to get him.


What you notice very quickly in arguing with a narcissist is that facts are entirely irrelevant. The substantive matter at issue . . . is entirely irrelevant. All that matters is that you are impinging on the narcissist’s comfort level. From that point on, everything devolves into pure attack mode. And since the narcissist lives in a world characterized by his immediate needs and concerns, in his own mind, he never tells a lie. [snip]  (For more on this topic and the narcissist’s bizarre, self-referential reality, read that enjoyable book Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother’s Boyfriend.)

This self-referential, egotistical quality may explain what commentators Left and Right are noticing, which is that Obama is not only self-involved, but abnormally defensive.  Even when he purports to take the blame for a situation, it always circles back around to being someone else’s fault.

And then of course, we wrap back to the man’s staggering sense of his own wonderfulness, beautifully captured in a photograph that sees President Obama, failing to join in a salute to our nation and our flag and, instead, demurely stepping back to bathe in what he perceives as his inferior’s appropriate worship.  [UPDATE:  A commenter advised me that the photo I linked to was taken when the band was playing “Hail to the Chief.”  If that is true, it makes sense that the military was saluting, but makes no sense that the civilians had their hands on their heart.  Be that as it may, let me insert here another photo that makes a similar point:


No matter how you slice it, Obama seems loath to go through the ordinary motions.]

I hate to say I told you so, but I guess I can say it here, because we’ve all been telling each other the same thing:  Obama’s self-regard is far in excess of his actual abilities.  He loves himself with an unending passion — one that, if flickr is any indication, his acolytes reflect back to him — and this passion will prevent him from ever making the series course corrections necessary to save his presidency or help his country.  Sure, he’ll make itty-bitty teeny moves, such as a meaningless spending freeze, but that’s only because he thinks that doing so will buy off the dumb masses.  But in terms of big changes — uh-uh, it ain’t going to happen.  He’s smart, we’re dumb; he’s right, we’re wrong; and he will force us to his viewpoint if it’s the last thing he does, because his viewpoint is the only one that matters.

As a wrap-up, here’s a short video that tells you everything you need to know about Mr. President:


*Interesting about the googling thing, which I’ve updated (thanks c0lorless.blue.ideas).  I thoughtlessly used “google” as a verb.  What I actually did, though, was a Bing search.  A true Google search yielded many more hits, as you can see.  I suspect, though, that the Bing hits were more accurate, which is something I’ve discovered about Bing in the months I’ve used it.