A Travis Allen write-in campaign for U.S. Senate. #TravisAllenWriteIn

With the California Democrat Party having disavowed Dianne Feinstein, it’s time to shake things up with a Travis Allen write-in campaign for U.S. Senate.

Travis Allen #TravisAllenWriteInNews broke today that Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat who has represented California in the United States Senate for 26 years, is no longer the darling of the California Democrat party. The problem is that DiFi, although she’s been trying to keep up with her party’s shift to the Left, still has some vestigial common sense. There’s no place for that in today’s “democratic socialist” Democrat party. It therefore shouldn’t have come as a surprise to DiFi that the party ditched her:

The California Democratic Party issued a stunning rebuke of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Saturday by decisively handing its official endorsement to state Sen. Kevin de Leon, her longshot Democratic challenger.


In backing de Leon, a majority of the party’s 360-member executive board ignored Feinstein’s calls to stay neutral in the race. Her allies had warned an endorsement would only further divide Democrats.

The final vote margin was lopsided: A total of 217 delegates voted for de Leon, of Los Angeles, or nearly 65 percent of the delegates. Meanwhile, only 22, or 7 percent, cast ballots for Feinstein and 94, or nearly 30 percent, voted for no endorsement.

Sadly, because of California’s rejiggered “open primaries,” this slight to DiFi won’t affect her place on the ballot. That is, despite the fact that her party rejected her, she’ll still be on the ballot facing off against de Leon, rather than having de Leon facing off against a Republican candidate.

Why? Because there is no Republican senatorial candidate on the ballot. I explained this disgraceful, anti-democratic situation years ago, when California turned the November race into nothing more than a run-off election: Continue reading

Looking for information about California Republican senatorial candidates

Please help me select a California U.S. senatorial candidate who has a chance of showing up on the November ballot, so voters can hear conservative ideas.

California Senatorial CandidateI’m starting to think about my votes for the upcoming June 5 open primary in California. I’ve got most of my votes nailed down, except for Candidate for the United States Senate. I am in love with some of the Republican candidates because, despite very little information, I know that they are courageous. Why courageous? Because they are minorities who refuse to let their skin color dictate their politics. Courage is certainly a virtue in a politician.

I’ve narrowed my top choices down as follows based on their generic conservative politics and the marvelous fact that they’re refusing to be racially categorized:

Other possibilities are these equally generic California Republicans:

  • Jerry J. Laws, who truly understand’s a constitutional federal government.
  • James P. Bradley, who believes climate change is a serious issue (perhaps his Coast Guard background makes him sensitive), but also opposes California’s sanctuary state status and, more importantly, is a serious contender in the open primary — although that may be an outlier, thanks to the fact that he’s shown up near the top of static alphabetical candidate lists. On my ballot, he’s near the bottom.
  • Tom Palzer, the “official” Republican candidate, who has worked in the government, has a lot of urban planning experience, is a veteran, and seems like an all-around okay guy.

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