Looking for information about California Republican senatorial candidates

Please help me select a California U.S. senatorial candidate who has a chance of showing up on the November ballot, so voters can hear conservative ideas.

California Senatorial CandidateI’m starting to think about my votes for the upcoming June 5 open primary in California. I’ve got most of my votes nailed down, except for Candidate for the United States Senate. I am in love with some of the Republican candidates because, despite very little information, I know that they are courageous. Why courageous? Because they are minorities who refuse to let their skin color dictate their politics. Courage is certainly a virtue in a politician.

I’ve narrowed my top choices down as follows based on their generic conservative politics and the marvelous fact that they’re refusing to be racially categorized:

Other possibilities are these equally generic California Republicans:

  • Jerry J. Laws, who truly understand’s a constitutional federal government.
  • James P. Bradley, who believes climate change is a serious issue (perhaps his Coast Guard background makes him sensitive), but also opposes California’s sanctuary state status and, more importantly, is a serious contender in the open primary — although that may be an outlier, thanks to the fact that he’s shown up near the top of static alphabetical candidate lists. On my ballot, he’s near the bottom.
  • Tom Palzer, the “official” Republican candidate, who has worked in the government, has a lot of urban planning experience, is a veteran, and seems like an all-around okay guy.

I know it seems silly for a California conservative to agonize about this question but the reality is that this year’s open primary may actually help Republicans over Democrats. There are 11 Republicans running for Senate out of a total of 32 candidates who are not conservative. One of those candidates is DiFi, who’s going to suck up a significant block of Democrat votes. The remaining Democrat votes will be divided amongst 20 candidates. Moreover, some of the Republican candidates who are not in my list will obviously garner no votes, or almost no votes, because they are one trick ponies or weird or awful (like the Nazi). In other words, while Democrats are divided over 20 or so candidates who are Leftists or harder Leftists, Republicans and disaffected Democrats will be deciding among only at most 6 viable candidates.

If enough people get behind one of those 6 candidates, it’s possible to have a Republican on the November ballot. The Republican candidate will not win the Senate in November, that’s a given, but just being on the ballot gives Republicans a voice. What I complained about years ago regarding open primaries is that, by removing entire parties from the ballot in November, just when voters are finally paying attention, the process essentially silences those parties. The marvel of having a Republican on the November ballot is that people will be listening.

So here’s my question for you: Do any of you have information, good or bad, about my six potential candidates? I know almost nothing about them, so if they’re as bad or weird as the Nazi, I need to know now. Also, do any of you know whether a wave is building behind one of those candidates making it worth throwing my weight to that candidate?

(Speaking of waves, remember to throw your weight behind John Cox.)