Once again, the religion of pieces struts its stuff

It seems to me that most of the violent death in the world today would be capped if we could do away with the more violent adherents of the Religion of Pieces.  Today, 9 died in Tel Aviv, with more almost 70 injured, thanks to yet another Muslim who went hunting for those seventy virgins (a sexual obsession that is disgusting):

Nine people were killed Monday after a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated himself at a crowded fast food stand near Tel Aviv's old central bus station, in the city's southern Neve Sha'anan neighborhood. 

At least 68 people were wounded in the huge blast, which was heard kilometers away, including one person who is in criticial condition and nine others who sustained serious wounds. Two of the victims were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, while a third victim died on the operating table.

The explosion occurred around 1:30 p.m. at a shawarma stand, where a previous bombing took place. This time, however, the blast was much more powerful and deadly.

To give its own spin to putting the matter in perspective, Yahoo's Most Emailed site, when it did its little thumbnail to AP's story (you can link to the full story), chose to add as a picture, not an illustration of the bombing, but an illustration of the murderer's grieving mother, with pictures showing what a nice boy he was.  (This was true as of 10:30 P.S.T.)

I'm struggling to figure out whether Yahoo's picture choice was to protect our delicate Western sensibilities from an accurate view of the blood and bodies resulting from this act of violence, or if it was Yahoo's little editorial comment about who the real victim was.  Given the glee with which all Western outlets showed Abu Ghraib pictures, I suspect the latter and I'm disgusted.

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