It’s not that he was a victim….

My earlier post this morning was about the sense of victimhood that characterizes many in the African-American community, and that seethes beneath the surface of Barack Obama’s campaign.  That same sense of victimhood, of course, permeates Hillary’s campaign, both because of the way in which older feminists see her as a standard bearer for their suffering at the hands of a patriarchy and because of her own “poor little me” routine.

In actual fact, there’s only one true victim in this campaign — John McCain, who spent six years being fearfully abused in the Hanoi Hilton.  The following video from his campaign is important in this regard, however, because it highlights the fact that, despite his plane crash, beatings, broken bones, starvation, isolation, humiliation and disease, McCain never perceived himself as a victim.  He was a fighter.  He never gave up.  I admire that so much, I really have no words.  Watch the video and see what you think:


Hat tip:  Hot Air