There’s a new blog in town

A group of Bay Area bloggers have joined together to create a blog advocating a John McCain presidency.  I’m one of those bloggers.  The new blog is called (appropriately enough) Bloggers for John McCain.  i’ll have a regular Saturday gig there.  My first post there today is called “The Tide Is Turning.”  Here’s a snippet, but it would be great for the new blog’s traffic if you’d check the post out at Bloggers for John McCain.

It’s always fun to flirt with the edge of a cliff. We dance up to it, proud of our courage in getting so close to the that knife’s edge between security and oblivion. But when we actually look into the abyss, well, that’s when sensible people start getting nervous. Right now, sensible people are backing off of the abyss that is the Democratic party.

The Washington Post has just reported that McCain had his top fundraising month to date, although he’s still not achieving financial parity with Obama:

Republican Sen. John McCain posted the best fundraising month of his presidential campaign in July, bringing in $27 million, but his supporters are bracing for the near-certainty that he will be operating at a severe financial disadvantage in the two-month stretch between the end of the party political conventions and Election Day.

Even the bad news in that paragraph — that Obama is way ahead in the money game — isn’t quite as bad as it looks. To begin with, while the media has carefully looked the other way whenever someone tries to flag its attention about Obama’s fund-raising irregularities, it’s becoming apparent that at least some of Obama’s money is actually funny money — very funny.

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