The lipstick reference was deliberate

Mike Devx was right, and I was too generous.  Obama was not phrasing things infelicitously or making Freudian slips when he made the lipstick/pig speech.  He has now admitted that he intended to refer to Palin when he used the phrase “lipstick,” something he denied right up until he got onto Letterman, when he suddenly started leaking out the truth.

Of course, Obama still denies calling either Palin or McCain pigs or stinky fish, but we’re already familiar with the Obama pattern when it comes to lies:  first you deny everything, then you start trickling out the truth until everybody is bored and no one is listening anymore.  If he follows that same-old, same-old pattern, we can assume that he’ll eventually admit that, well, the pig referenced wasn’t realy the stale old Bush or McCain policies, but was McCain himself, and that McCain is stinky old fish too.

I wonder how long it will take before the American people stop enjoying the sense of being played for fools.