“Ve haf vays of making you not talk”

Being a circumlocutious type myself, I’m not normally a fan of Glenn Reynold’s bullet point approach to sharing information.  Nevertheless, it makes a powerful point in his post setting out an ever expanding laundry list of the efforts the Obama campaign is making to stifle open political debate.  What’s really scary is that this list is all about Obama’s efforts to stifle just one ad the NRA is running about the gun positions he’s taken over time.  It doesn’t even touch on his (or his acoyltes’) earlier efforts to shut down radio stations that had speakers critical of Obama, to black mail people planning to donate money to Obama, or his own exhortation to his followers to “get into people’s faces.”

When it comes to free speech, Obama doesn’t believe in a marketplace of ideas, where open debate is the best disinfectant for bad or untrue political ideas.  Instead, he has a Chicago-style approach to free speech, which is that free speech works great if the other person is threatened with cement shoes.

Are Americans, by what looks today like a 3% margin, really willing to turn the country over to this man?  And did you ever think that the Democrats would front a candidate who makes Bill Clinton look like a model of temperate, Constitutionally-oriented rectitude?