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Memorializing the Twitter Files – XI. How Twitter Let the Intel Community In

Sen. Mark Warner and other Democrat politicians pushed hard for the tech companies to censor speech, ostensibly to combat “misinformation.” Sen. Warner, Hillary Clinton, and the Senate Intelligence Committee all pushed the fraud of Russian misinformation and put pressure on Twitter to take part in a regime of censorship by

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I’ll be leaving Facebook in two days because it foments violence

Facebook has not banned those who fomented violence, opting instead to silence its political opponents. Therefore, I’m banning Facebook. I’m planning on canceling my Bookworm Facebook accounts (Bookworm and Sunny Berman) in a couple of days. Aside from Facebook’s anti-American censorship practices — which, by censoring the truth about Biden

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Bookworm Beat Benghazi Leftists Social Media

Bookworm Beat 5/7/19 — the Vanishing Conservatives on Social Media edition

There are reasons for you to be very afraid of the social media crackdown on conservatives (even fringe ones), plus other scary stuff in today’s world. Democrats prepare for 2020 by silencing conservatives.  If I had to identify the scariest news today, it would be Twitter’s purge of conservatives, which

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