Biden’s “facts”

I don’t know whether this Churchill story is true.  I first read it about 30 years ago in a book printed about 50 years ago.  It doesn’t sound like the man, but it’s a good story anyway for my purposes.

Churchill was asked to give a speech to a trade organization.  He asked his secretary to get him facts and figures that would be relevant to the organization, and told him that he’d need the information in two days.  The secretary check it out and reported back to Churchill that it would take at least six months to get all that information.  Much to the secretary’s surprise, when Churchill gave his speech, he reeled off an impressive list of facts and figures, all entirely relevant to the organization.  Afterward, the secretary asked Churchill how in the world he had done that.  His answer?  “I made it up.  I figured it would take six months before anyone realized the information was wrong and, by that time, the situation would have changed to so much, no one would care.”

That was the old, slow information world.  In the new, quick information world, within hours of the Presidential debate, Biden’s fourteen lies were exposed for everyone to see.  At least, that is, people could see the lees if they didn’t limit themselves to the MSM.

Biden and Obama are still living in the old media bubble of 60 years ago, when information was hard to get, and the media protected favored politicians.  One hopes that this is the last election in which that bubble operates.

UPDATE:  Sorry about the typos.  I’ve been very, very rushed the past few days, and proofreading is always the first thing that goes.