Biden’s Lies, the Short List

Charles Johnson, at LGF, is getting hacked off. As we could have predicted (and I’m sure he did too), the media is completely ignoring that, on multiple occasions, Biden lied through his teeth. Johnson took the five biggest lies — and the ones that are proven to be lies by actual video, no nuance required, and assembled the links in a single post.  It’s not pretty, whether you’re talking about Biden or about the MSM.

Speaking of which, last night, while supervising a youth activity, ended up talking to two of the fathers, neither of whom I’d met before, one of whom was Danish, and the other American.  (Keep in mind as you read this that this conversation took place in the heart of Marin.)  The Danish man told me that the bailout was unAmerican.  “They do that kind of thing in Europe.  Why would we want to do that here?”  The American man told that it was obvious that the press was trying to get Obama to win, and that this obvious bias was alienating people.

With regard to the latter comment, perhaps people are finally starting to figure things out.