Let’s hope Obama is smarter than his followers about Gaza

Not a conversation in which I was involved (nor was it politic or appropriate to become involved), but I heard someone this morning praising Carter’s execrable editorial (and I’m not going to dignify that with a link) castigating Israel for defending itself.

The liberal praising the article, when asked about the rocket attacks, said “Well, it’s just one town in Israel.  They should leave.  That’s the smart thing to do.  It’s better than killing Palestinian children”  It did not seem to occur to this guy that Israel had already pulled out of Gaza and that he’s essentially advocating an incremental approach to Hamas’ ultimate goal:  namely, driving Jews out of every town on the land and pushing them into the sea.  Nor did it seem to occur to him that, by the same analysis, the Palestinians should just retreat, because that’s better than killing Jewish children.

Living in Marin is an alternative universe, since one is surrounded with ostensibly smart people who have stupid ideas and are completely amoral.