You know it’s a really bad guy…

…When his defense attorney approves of the fact that that a policeman shot him to death:

A man accused of killing his girlfriend was shot to death in a Stockton courtroom Wednesday after he attacked the judge presiding over his murder trial, officials said.

David Paradiso, 28, was shot by a police detective after he left the witness stand and began attacking San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Cinda Fox during a break in proceedings, said Dave Konecny, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department.

Paradiso took the stand to testify around 2 p.m. and was quickly asked by prosecutors why he killed his girlfriend Eileen Pelt.

He responded: “Cause she deserved to die.”


Karen McConnell, a county spokeswoman, said witnesses reported seeing Paradiso lift the judge and begin punching and possibly stabbing her when bailiffs ran to her aid and shots rang out. Lodi Police Det. Eric Bradley has been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated, city spokesman Jeff Hood said.

“He was going after her jugular, just as he did to the victim in this case,” his [that is, Paradiso’s] attorney, Chuck Pacheco, told the Lodi News-Sentinel. “He was not stopping stabbing her, going for her neck. Bradley did the right thing.” (Emphasis mine.)

Do you get the feeling that this attorney was afraid of his client?