More common sense out of Marin

I blogged the other day about the fact that three Marin County towns had opted out of an expensive green energy plan — and that the local liberal newspaper applauded them.  News comes today that yet another town has now decided that the pocketbook trumps Algore induced environmental panic:

[Larkspur] City Manager Jean Bonander said the council’s position was firm.

“They made it really clear that a small city like Larkspur whose focus has always been on really basic core services and doesn’t know anything about running an electrical utility, it probably didn’t make a lot of sense for us to take that kind of risk,” she said.

“We did not go forward with the clean energy initiative at this time because it did not make sense financially,” said Councilwoman Joan Lundstrom, who is vice mayor and led the discussion in Hillmer’s absence.

“The bond market and the credit market have completely imploded,” she said. “It wasn’t a decision
between clean energy and PG&E – it was a decision why should the county suddenly start an energy bureaucracy that would cost $8 million a year and have 20 employees at this time.

“This was not the time for the county to go into the energy market,” Lundstrom said.

Who knew there’d be an upside to the recession?