Being wealthy makes you unfit for office

The way this attack ad against rising star Doug Hoffman (in NY’s 23rd district) is framed, it’s clear that Hoffman’s sin is being wealthy:

I think that’s a marvelous standard by which to disqualify people from political office, at least this year.  (And we know from what happens in Massachusetts that you can change the rules whenever it suits you to ensure that your party holds office.)  So I vote that we immediately purge the following millionaires from the United States government:

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

Nancy Pelosi

Dianne Feinstein

Harry Reid

Jane Harman

Mark Warner

Herb Kohl

Jared Polis

Jay Rockefeller

Frank Lautenberg

Carolyn Maloney

Alan Mark Grayson

Nita Lowey

(For more on who’s rich, check out the Center for Responsive Politics.)

I had no idea that the Founders had imposed wealth caps on politicians but, if that’s the the DNCC’s standard, I say we make them stick with it.  After all, people who live in glass houses need to disarm themselves.

For more on the real story behind that attack ad, check this out.