A little bleg

My husband and I have a tacit agreement — I don’t give our money to conservative causes and he doesn’t give it to liberal ones.  The only way in which we do spend our money semi-politically is that he subscribes to The New Yorker, and I subscribe to Commentary.

However, there are often conservative writers to whom I would like to donate money — people like Michael Totten, for example.  And here’s where, maybe, you can help me.  If you happen to be inspired to make a donation to my blog, that donation goes into my PayPal account.  Once in that PayPal account, it just sort of sits there because, for complicated and ridiculous reasons (mostly having to do with my own financial incompetence), it’s lodged in an account that’s difficult for me to draw from.  I’ve discovered, though, that, if I see something on the internet that I do like, such as Michael Totten, when I click on his PayPal account, it automatically withdraws from the funds sitting in mine.  Cool!

Technically speaking, 50% of everything that ends up in the PayPal account is my husband’s, of course.  But the fact is, it’s entirely the fruit of my labor and, more to the point, my obsession.  When it comes to conservative causes, I therefore see myself as something of a conduit, rather than an end user.  The way it works is that you’re kind enough to give it to me (thank you, thank you), and then I feed it higher up the food chain.

You should feel free, of course, to ignore me entirely, since I’ve just confessed that I’m merely a middle man here.  Perhaps you’d like to donate to Michael Totten personally.  However, if you feel so inclined, I can assure you that your kind contributions to me keep the conservative cycle of life rolling.