John Podhortez explains that Israel did very little wrong

Israel made a tactical error in defending a direct assault on her legal blockade.  The blockade, incidentally, does nothing to prevent Gaza from importing food, fuel, and all the other necessities and luxuries of ordinary, non-terrorist life.  Instead, the blockade’s purpose is to prevent Gaza from importing massive amounts of weapons from Syria and Iran, and turning that small bit of land into the bloodiest, most weaponized hot spot on the face of God’s earth.

In a normal world, the appropriate response to Israel’s necessary escalation in the face of extreme provocation would have been BFD.  In a mad world, however, the public is being told that Israel has finally shown her face as Satan incarnate, killer of innocent peace activists who somehow got confused and, instead of singing Kimbayah, kept shouting “destroy Israel,” as they stabbed, slashed, stomped, pounded, and shot at commandos armed with paintball guns.  (The terrorists, by the way, clearly came prepared for war.)

John Podhoretz, who is not mad, keeps his eye on the ball.