The perils of fame

Michael Yon has been for many years a truly admirable blogger.  On his own dime, he’s inserted himself into Iraq and Afghanistan, creating beautiful, powerful photo essays about our two-front war.  He’s not beholden to any publishing company, so he’s operated with a freedom that you can’t get from even the most honestly run MSM.

Being on your own, however, also means that you have no filter, no editor, no one off of whom you can bounce ideas, and no reality check.  It’s unclear whether you have friends, and certainly not clear whether those who call themselves your friends really are.  Also, loners tend to chafe when they run headlong into authority, and there’s no doubt that Yon has had his clashes with military authorities, and that has soured him.

I mention all this here because the Mudville Gazette has an open letter to Michael Yon that you may want to read.  I’m not suggesting you stop reading Yon; I’m just suggesting that, when you read him, you should be aware that there’s more going on than appears on the surface.  And this is an awareness you should have whether or not you agree with Yon’s take on the military hierarchy.