Watcher’s Council winners for 6/13/10

Last week, the Watcher’s Council website was savagely attacked by hackers.  We’ve all taken it as a sort of perverse compliment, since we know the baddies (Leftists, Islamists, general idiots), prefer destruction to debate when it comes to scary ideas of freedom, morality and general human decency.

Terry Trippany, the Watcher’s Council webmaster (and my own webmaster, I might add), has worked heroically to get the website back up.  He hasn’t quite fixed the cosmetic aspects, but he got the important part up and running, which is the substance.  You can now go there to see which posts won in last week’s Watcher’s Council, or you can just look below.  (By the way, I think this might be the record for most tied votes for third place.)

Council Winners

Non Council Winners