San Francisco’s 2010 Fleet Week is going to be a wonderful one

One of the highlights of my life since I joined the Navy League is Fleet Week, held every October here in San Francisco.  This isn’t because I have such a pathetic life that anything out of the ordinary is exciting.  Nooo.  It’s because Fleet Week, which is always a great event, gets amped up on steroids if you’re a Navy League member.

The added thrill for Fleet Week comes about because Navy League members get tours and other opportunities that aren’t open to the general public.  (I’ve written about these tours and events here, here, here, here.)  If you’re lucky, you also get the heads up on non-Navy League events that are nevertheless more widely advertised in Navy League circles, than in ordinary, civilian circles.  Examples of that would be meeting the Blue Angels or getting an opportunity to attend the annual Midway Celebration.  Neither of these was a Navy League event, and both cost a bit, but both were extraordinary opportunities that I wouldn’t have known about but for the Navy League, and both were well worth the money.

October is still a while away, but I got word that there are going to be lots of ships in San Francisco — something that the official Fleet Week website confirms:

The United States Navy’s 3rd Fleet is sending a task force of ships to include:
– a large deck amphibious assult ship (LDH),
– a cruiser,
– a destroyer,
– a Los Angeles Class submarine, the USS San Francisco,
– 3 Mine Countermeasure Ships.

(By the way, speaking of Fleet Week, even though it seems like a San Francisco event, it isn’t really.  San Francisco is the host City, of course, and it benefits hugely from the influx of people who hit the City.  Fleet Week, however, is actually brought about by the efforts of the San Francisco Fleet Week Association.  If you would like to contribute money to this excellent cause, go here; volunteer time; go here.)

And of course, the Blue Angels will be flying, which is always a thrill.

If you want the E ticket ride for Fleet Week in San Francisco (or anywhere else there’s a Fleet Week), join the Navy League now!