The other side of the story

Something happened in the Middle East that put Michael Yon at odds with a lot of the milbloggers.  I have no idea if there’s a right or a wrong in this dispute, or if there’s just a lot of muddy middle, with some well-meaning people kind of trapped there.  I mention this because, a week or two ago, I directed your attention to the position some milboggers were taking regarding the dispute.  I’d now like to give you some more information about Yon’s position from the other side.

As it is, my suspicion is that, to the extent Yon had a dispute with General McChrystal, the latter’s departure from the scene should smooth things out a great deal.

McChrystal sank in my estimation for being foolish enough to get into Rolling Stones’ clutches.  He should have known that anything they did would be a hit piece and, knowing that, he should have conducted himself with the most rigid propriety, and ordered his staff to do the same.  The fact that he did not — even though what he said wasn’t as bad as is being bandied about — reflects poorly on his judgment.

That judgment failure would be bad enough, but I just learned that McChrystal is a Dem!  As a former Dem myself, someone who wallowed in the Kool-Aid for way too long, I find it hard to understand why someone in his position would support a party that wishes him ill, both specifically as to his role in Afghanistan and generally as a member of the military.

All of which is to say that, while not knowing the details of the Yon/McChrystal fight, McChrystal is not smelling good right now.