Obama’s Mosque

Is anyone reading in the Bookwormroom persuaded by Obama’s religious freedom argument for the ground zero mosque?  Do you think Obama’s and his party’s prospects will be harmed by his and their support for the mosque?  Personally, I suspect this is a potentially very powerful issue.  My position is that I’ll respect Islamists right to religious freedom when they respect the religious freedom of other religions.  They can start in the many nations where the Islam religion completely controls the government.  Religious freedom cannot be a one-way street.

P.S.  In wandering around San Jose last week, I came across the Cathedral Basilica of Sait Joseph, a beautiful and impressive Catholic church.  There was a rather forelorn looking man in the courtyard outside.  The door was open, welcoming me in.  The inside was majestic and there was one person sitting in the very back row of the pews.  All in all, I felt the openness and friendliness of the church, even though I am not religious and have never been a Catholic. 

Consider the contrast with Islam.  “The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque”  Koran (9:28).  I’ve heard that the ground zero community center would be open to all, but does anyone seriously think the mosque will be?  I don’t.  Because Islam is not interested in conversion, but rather in conquest.  Islam doesn’t want to save souls, it wants to rule them.

BTW, this reminds me of a discussion was had some time ago.  Should/must a democratic society allow it’s people to vote itself into a dictatorship?  Is there any recourse at all if a society’s very institutions and beliefs threaten to lead to the destruction of the society itself?