How can we exploit the differences between the members of the leftist alliance?

Friend of USA pointed out something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately — the incompatability of the various groups that form the leftist alliance.  Gays and feminists have made common cause with a religion that stones gays and keeps their woman as burqa-clan slaves.  Hardcore, America hating socialists vote with pro-American, relatively conservative blue collar union members.

One would think that conservatives could drive a wedge between what must be very uneasy allies.  Yet I’ve heard very little discussion of how to do this.  Are we even working to break apart the leftist coalition?  What can we do to pry these groups apart?  And why aren’t we talking about this more?

The one thing the leftists seem to have going for them is that they know how to count votes (they also know how to recount votes, but that’s a whole other post).  They seem willing to put aside their differences to make common cause against what they see as the enemy (us).  We need to accentuate and exploit those differences.  How do we do that?