A clear thinker, a clear speaker, and an honest man *UPDATED*

I totally forgive Jan Brewer for her brain freeze, because she’s proven to be a clear thinker.  Her ability to think clearly and active decisively is much more important than whether she can turn a pretty phrase.

Having said that, I have to admit to suffering from total political lust for Chris Christie, ’cause he’s a double, no, a triple, whammy:  a clear thinker, a clear speaker and, as an added bonus, someone who refuses to play cute little communication games.  This last is especially refreshing in the age of Obama, because the latter is, as I pointed out repeatedly pre-election and as the world has learned post-election, a congenital prevaricator.

UPDATE:  A friend of mine calls the Christie video’s “soft porn” for the conservative.  She’s right too.  They make you feel gooood.  (Cue the Barry White music.)