Do (and can) conservative bloggers make a difference?

While Bookie is contemplating her Goodwill donations, let me throw out a question that’s been nagging at me lately.  Do conservative bloggers make a difference?   Here in the Bookwormroom we used to have regular liberal contributors and lively debates.  Now we look more like an echo chamber.  While I’m not a blogger and could well be wrong, I suspect that this has happened all over the blogging community.  Bloggers have sought out like minded bloggers.

So, how much good do we do if we only talk to each other?   Certainly, the exchange of information can be highly useful and the sense of fellowship that one gets from being a part of the conservative blogging community should not be underestimated.  But is that all we do — reinforce each other?  Maybe the most important question is, what can we do to make conservative blogging more effective.  Assuming that we want these blogs to make a difference, how can we maximize the difference they make?  Or is that assumption even valid?  Do we want to make a difference, or are we just enjoying the experience of sharing intelligent conversation with blog friends?  Is that enough in and of itself?  I look forward to your ideas and I thank you in advance for them.