Open Thread *UPDATED*

I’m seeking inspiration.  I know there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there, but it’s just not triggering my writing reflex.  Perhaps it’s the knowledge that, in the room next to my office, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted out and sent to Goodwill.

Until inspiration strikes — Open Thread!

UPDATE:  Still no inspiration (although I have managed to move to the curb a mountain of the kind of useless garbage that seems to gravitate to my closets), but I do have some interesting stuff from others.  Here goes:

As I did, you may have seen the trumpeted headline that that top British commander says that we cannot win against Islamism. Barry Rubin explains that what he says is much more subtle, with some clear-headed intelligence and some dangerous short-sightedness all rolled into one interview.

It’s the one year anniversary, give or take a few days, of Climategate.  The MSM successfully managed to keep Climategate from becoming their Armageddon, but that doesn’t mean the damage it has wrought for the AGW movement is going away any time soon.  Here are two articles that explain what the Left did and why it still has a pr0blem.