How did you first find out about the Bookwormroom and what keeps you coming back?

Every time I visit the Bookwormroom I check the little section that shows where the last ten or so visitors are from.  I’m amazed to find people from all over the world are visiting here.  That, in turn, got me to wondering who these people were who visit and how they found out about Book’s little Internet home. 

I’ll bet there are some quite interesting stories out there.  So, this is for everyone, but especially for those from outside of the United States, how did you first come to visit here and what brings you back? 

P.S.  I don’t really have a story myself.  Book has been a close friend since before she started this blog.  I was just honored that she trusted me enough to tell me about it when she was still deeply protective of her identity.  And, I’ve just enjoyed her friendship and her blog ever since.   What’s your story?