“I always feel like somebody’s watching me….”

Remember that Rockwell song from the 1980s?  “I always feel like somebody’s watching me….”  It turns out that, if you’re having any dealings with the FCC, that feeling is right on the money.  I just received the following email from a friend:

I just called the FCC and asked for info on how to make my comment on net neutrality.

I didn’t give my name.

I immediately got an email back from them regarding how to make consumer comments.

I hadn’t given them my email.

I called them back and it turns out that the FCC complies a dossier, record of every call you make to them. The operator read out my entire history of communications to the FCC over the years. I told her that I didn’t volunteer my name nor my email during today’s call call and I said this is the conduct of a police state. She was tying in my comments to add to my dossier. She made it seem like it was just some emotional concern I had and that there was no substance to it. I asked her who was responsible for this. She said Congress.

This terrifies me.