Calling a freak dance the perversion it is *UPDATE*

My daughter came home from a school dance — a dance especially for the 13-15 year old crowd — saying that the boys were vying to “freak” dance with a friend of hers.  I went ballistic.

“You’re not allowed to freak dance.”

“I know, Mom.  And I didn’t.”

I believe her.  But I also believe that, one day, she’ll want to freak dance, and someone will actually ask her to do so.  So I put a stop to that.

“You know what’s really going on with freak dancing, don’t you?  Some guy you don’t know is masturbating against your butt.  If someone did that to you on a subway, he’d be arrested for sexual assault.”

“Oh, God, Mom!  That is totally gross.”

“Yeah, and that grossness is what’s happening on your body.”

I don’t think she’ll be inclined to freak dance any time soon.

UPDATE:  And with perfect timing, this story comes along.