Middle East Open Thread

You’ve probably noticed my conspicuous silence about events in the Middle East, especially in Libya.  I simply don’t have anything to add.  I’m a spectator here and, until the coin stops spinning and lands on one side or another, I’m not prepared to opine.

All I’ve got now are hopes and fears, but not opinions.  My hope is that, with the pustulant powers removed from the top, the poison will drain out of those Middle Eastern countries.  My pessimistic fear is that radical Islamism will fill the power vacuum, making them even worse than before.   Another hope is that Obama will figure out that now is the time to sign off on lots of drilling and exploration in America.  My fear is that his dream of $8/gallon gasoline is about to come true.

Share your hopes, fears, information, speculations, opinions, etc., here.  I’m interested.