Where the money goes

Sorry I haven’t written today, but I’ve spent the morning working on family finances.  One of the reasons those finances matter, aside from day-to-day expenses and the hope of a comfortable retirement, is making sure we can fund the kids’ education.  Although, honestly, I’m increasingly unsure whether it’s worth it.  Colleges that used to teach “great thoughts” now teach pornography.  I know that not all have sunk so low, and that there’s still a lot of wheat in a college catalog’s chaff, so my kids can get educated.  The problem is that the chaff is as costly as the wheat.  Since college is a package price, rather than pay as you go, that chaff adds to the obscene total bill.

I’m also feeling a little down because I got scolded by a client today.  That always depresses me, but never more so than when I think I didn’t deserve it.  The client explicitly asked me to do research based upon a certain assumption.  I did.  It turned out her assumption was wrong, and she’s now unhappy with the fact that the resultant research was bass ackward wrong.  I erred in accepting her assumption at face value (that’s the problem with being a literalist), but I do feel that the blame is not entirely mine here.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Not a great day here, but perhaps it will turn into a great afternoon.  Fortunately, I’m having lunch with Don Quixote, and he has promised not to scold me, harangue me, harass me, hector me, or otherwise rain negative energy on my poor, bowed head.