MSM finally notices threats against politicians (sort of) *UPDATED*

From the moment Gov. Walker squared off against the public sector unions in Wisconsin, conservatives noticed something interesting:  The mainstream media, which was all aflutter about politician safety after a paranoid schizophrenic aimed a gun at a Democratic Senator, wounding her and killing a heroic Republican judge), showed remarkable restraint in reporting about threats against a Republican governor and Republican senators.  Indeed, the MSM’s restraint was so great, it failed to do any reporting at all.

The overwhelming silence got to Lee Stranahan — a self-identified Progressive — who felt compelled in all decency to call out the MSM for its hypocrisy:

Three questions for you.

  1. Do you think of Republicans and the Tea Party as dangerous, violent extremists?
  2. Do you think the Wisconsin protests over GOP Governor Scott Walker’s move to strip public sector employees of collective bargaining were peaceful?
  3. Do you scoff at the right wing notion that mainstream media like the New York Times, the TV networks and NPR have a liberal media bias against the conservatives?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all three of those questions, then let me ask you one more…

Why isn’t the mainstream media talking about the death threats against Republican politicians in Wisconsin?


Burying the death threat story is a clear example of intellectual dishonesty and journalistic bias.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Look into the story of death threats in Wisconsin yourself and see who has been covering the story and who hasn’t. Try for a moment to see this story from the perspective of those who you may disagree with on policy and ask yourself how this looks to them. Can you blame them for feeling that way? Then take a few seconds and read those questions I asked you at the beginning of this article.

And then ask why progressives shouldn’t expect more from our media — and ourselves — than we expect from our political adversaries.

I don’t respect Stranahan’s political beliefs, which are antithetical to mine, but I certainly respect his personal integrity and his honesty.

I’m happy to report that one news reporter, perhaps influenced by Stranahan’s post, finally realized the error of her ways and focused on the threats to conservative politicians.  So it is that, today, the SF Chronicle has a front page story entitled “Threats directed at any state GOP.”

Isn’t that great?  The Chron is reporting about threats against California conservatives.

Okay, I confess.  I’m leading you down the primrose path.  What the headline really says is “Threats directed at any state GOP ‘turncoats.’”  In other words, the other threats against the GOP that the Chron seems willing to acknowledge are those coming from other members of the GOP.

But should California’s Republican politicians start barricading themselves in their houses and traveling with guards to protect themselves from their fellow party members?  Are they having their outlines drawn in chalk on the sidewalk, their home addresses published, their children threatened?  Well, not really.  What’s actually happening is that California state GOP people are hearing from the grassroots that, if they don’t pay attention to calls for true conservatism, they won’t be reelected!  How’s that for a front-page-worthy threat?  Those crazy Tea Partiers know how to play mean and dirty.

I’m beginning to understand the threat algorithm in the MSM:  Eight years of vile threats and imaginings against George Bush — ignore.  Insane shoots Senator he’s been stalking for four years — blame Tea Partiers.  Progressives and public union members threaten Wisconsin conservatives with death — ignore.  Tea Partiers warn that they won’t reelect wobbly GOP members — phrase so vaguely on newspaper front page that it looks to the casual reader as if Tea Partiers are ready to kill their own.

Being a member of the Progressive MSM means you never actually have to think.  How relaxing.

UPDATE:  Deroy Murdock compiled, verbatim, some of the Wisconsin death threats that the media yawns about.

UPDATE II:  When I wrote the above, I said that the SF Chron article was written to imply that Tea Party activists were actually violent.  At the time, I didn’t have proof.  Now I do.  As reliably as a stopped clock, one of my liberal facebook friends wrote that the California GOP was made up of “thugs” who “beat the crap” out of people.