I did it! I published a book!

Yup, I finally did it.  After muttering about it for years, and then after months of slogging through all of my old posts, followed by hours and hours and hours of proofreading and formatting, I uploaded my book a few days ago.  Today, I got word from Amazon that my book is now available for purchase.  You can now purchase The Bookworm Turns: A Secret Conservative in Liberal Land for your very own.

For those of you who have been following my blog since 2006, or even 2007 or 2008, I have to say in all honesty that you’ve already read everything in the book.  If you buy it, you’ll be engaging in an act of charity more than anything else.  (Although, in theory, you might enjoy sitting back and re-reading “the classics” to while away some time.)

If you’re fairly new to this blog, though, there’s content in the book that you won’t have seen before and you might enjoy.  Certainly there’s a lot of material.  I wanted to give people value for the $4.99 price, so the book comes in at over 100,000 words.  That’s a long book, but its virtue is that, since it’s a collection of essays that are all nicely hyperlinked to a table of contents, people can wander in and out of the book at their leisure.

One thing I need to do is thank all of you for your help.  Recently, you gave me title ideas and price suggestions.  But it’s been much more than that.  Your continuing support, the breadth and depth of your knowledge and analysis, and your friendship, have all worked together to inspire me over the years.  I truly couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Anyway, check it out, and feel free to leave a review on the Amazon page. The more buzz the better.  Indeed, once I get a little buzz going (so that the Amazon page looks richer), the real book shilling begins.  🙂