Making Rolling Stone pay the price *UPDATED*

Last week, I urged you to read Michael Yon’s article about the shabby, sleazy, vicious reporting Rolling Stone did on the 5/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team.  Rolling Stone basically characterized the entire outfit as a band of uncontrolled, blood-thirsty renegades.

Yon is still out for blood, and would like to diminish Rolling Stone’s income to the point at which that pathetic relic of the 1960s goes out of business.  To that end, he asks that you boycott products that advertise in Rolling Stone.  I’m not in the Rolling Stone demographic, so I have to admit that there’s not a single product in that list I buy.  However, if you were thinking of buying something, you might want to have second thoughts.

Remember:  Government censorship = bad.  Market forces (without threats, violence, blackmail or intimidation) = healthy capitalism.

UPDATE:  Tonestaple’s comment deserves to be shared here:

If you really want to have an effect, it is probably necessary to write to the companies in question and tell them that you will not buy their products because they advertise in Rolling Stone. Most companies have a contact page right on their websites so this should not be any trouble to do.

And really, who cares if you wouldn’t buy any of these products right now. I’m broke, but I’m not above amusing myself by filling out some contact forms.