Sayet out loud! offers two entertaining video interviews, posted by the always-interesting Jamie Glazov, that I highly recommend:


In Part I, Evan Sayet, a rare Hollywood conservative, discusses Bill Maher and the fundamental unhappiness that wallows in the heart of the Left. Like Mark Steyn, Evan Sayet exudes a rare combination of introspection and thoughtfulness while being simultaneously entertaining, if somewhat ADD at times (like moi).  In Part II, they discuss dating women of the Left, Tammy Bruce, Sarah Palin and why so many people of the Left absolutely hate her.


A take-away from Part II: “The Right tries to make itself better, the Left tries to make the world accept them, no matter how bad they are”.


Part III is pending.


And speaking of the fundamental unhappiness of the Left, we have this take on Palin’s child from an oft-cited Liberal/Left blog:


Why are Liberal Lefties so obsessed with attacking children?


There can be no better example of the fundamental cowardice and moral anarchism of the Left than the way they attack the children of conservatives as a means to a political end. Even the Mafia knew to leave the children alone. I cannot help but believe (or hope) that this ultimately backfires with the majority of Americans.