The Birth Certificate — a totally innocuous document

The birth certificate is completely innocuous.  Best guess:  Obama was playing conservatives, trying to make them sound like nutjobs.

Trump is now going after the college transcripts.  Are they going to show a straight A student?

UPDATE:  Andrea Shea King argues that the birth certificate is irrelevant, because the real issue is now, and always has been, Obama’s father’s nationality at the time of his birth.  Since his Dad was African and his mother a minor, this still means Obama is not a U.S. citizen.  That is technically correct, but I suspect it won’t fly with most American people.  To them, the bottom line is that he was born in the U.S.A.  The technicalities of a father’s nationality, which is more of an interpretative thing than a constitutional one (because, remember, the early presidents all had British born parents) means that the issue is now dead in the water.

In any event, with the Court’s having shut the door on the “minor mother/non-American father” issue a long time ago, there is, simply, nowhere to go with this one.