Two posts to read and enjoy

The server was down this morning.  It’s back, but I’m heading out in a few minutes, so I don’t have the luxury of blogging.  Meanwhile, though, I have a couple of posts to recommend.

The first came courtesy of Danny Lemieux, who is traveling today and doesn’t have the luxury of posting himself.  It’s about the intellectual collapse of the green movement, as announced by George Monbiot, one of the lead greenies.  Monbiot is having major epiphanies left and right.  It was he who announced that the anti-nuclear activists have been lying for decades.  Next thing you know, he’ll be acknowledging that Israel is the only free and decent country in the Middle East.  As we all know, once the dominoes start to fall, they fall fast.

The second is an article by my friend Patrick O’Hannigan, saying that there is nothing wrong (although it might be a little “indelicate”) with the human impulse to celebrate an evil and dangerous person’s death.

I know I’m sending you to other sites to read articles, but come back here and leave your thoughts.  I’m interested.