I wasn’t the only one who let D-Day go unobserved

To my chagrin, I forgot to make my salute to D-Day on this blog.  My head was so taken up with my Midway post, that I simply lost track of time.  Two pivotal battles that changed the course of World War II, one marking the beginning of the end for Japan, and one the beginning of the end for Germany.  They are separated from his by 69 and 67 years respectively, but as they played out in real time, D-Day took place almost exactly after the Battle of Midway.  Both were distinguished by extraordinary bravery, heroism and self-sacrifice on the part of American and, in the case of D-Day, Allied troops.  If we forget these dates, we forget part of what makes the free world great, and that is the willingness to pay for that freedom with our blood, and the blood of our sons and daughters.

I wasn’t the only one who let D-Day go unobserved, although I think I have a better excuse than . . . President (and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces) Obama.  He’s such a disrespectful little weasel.