One of the statements in this AP article is a lie *UPDATED*

I don’t have time to check the video, but as a logical thinker, I can assure you that one of the two highlighted sentences in an AP news report about Andrew Breitbart is a lie:

The conservative blogger who reported that a photo of a man’s crotch had been sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account to a woman college student says he has an X-rated picture he’ll publicize if the New York Democrat attempts reprisals against him.

Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart of the website tells NBC’s “Today” show he considers the image “an insurance policy” against attacks from Weiner, who on Monday admitted the crotch photo was of him. The married Weiner also acknowledged he had engaged in inappropriate contact with six women over three years through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and occasionally over the phone.

Breitbart told NBC Tuesday that if Weiner wants to open himself to further investigation, “there are a lot of women” who could come forward. Asked directly if he considered the purported unpublicized picture an insurance policy, Breitbart replied, “I don’t like to think of it that way.”

UPDATE: As I suspected, but couldn’t confirm because I wasn’t checking the video, Indigo Red explains in the comments that AP was guilty of criminally careless writing:

Both statements are true. Breitbart appeared on Hannity and when asked if he had more photos said in an off-hand manner that he had a photograph, a Blueboy Magazine type photo, that he was keeping as insurance against reprisal. That’s the first AP quote. The second is not incongruous with the first. The photo is insurance, but Breitbart doesn’t ”like to think of it that way.” I’ve a friend who is fat, very fat. He’s also smart. He knows he’s fat, but he doesn’t like to think of himself that way. He prefers “well rounded.” One statement is a fact, the other a preferred thought.

Maybe Indigo Red, whose explanation is a model of clarity, should consider a career in journalism.

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