What is the Left’s endgame?

I’ve recently read Primetime Propaganda, The True Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, by Ben Shapiro, about which more in a later post or two.  It’s a good book, though it practically ignores whole areas of television programming, those areas that now dominate the ratings and tend to be the least political  — reality shows and procedurals.  But the book raises a question in my mind that I’d be interested in your thoughts on.  Shapiro’s theory is that the Left, having largely achieved its original goals, now has as its end-game pure nihilism.  I disagree. I think the Left’s endgame is a form of totalitarianism — a two-class system — the rulers and the ruled.  The rulers are all-knowledgeable and all-powerful and live the good life.  The ruled are, well, the Left’s leadership doesn’t care much what they are as long as they are comfortable and compliant.  What do you think?  Am I being too cynical?  And how, if at all, does an understanding of the Left’s ultimate goals help us in our fight against them?