Big government endgame in pictures

DQ asks a very good question: what is the endgame of the Left?


Our alphabet soup group tries to address another good question: why do black people so reliably vote Democrat?


Our responses were many, but they included the argument that poor people have been cultivated by big government design to become enslaved to big government, because a) it allows big government to control the poor and b) it helps guarantee said government’s power. It isn’t just that black people are reliably Democrat, it is that government has made far too many black people poor, ignorant and dependent…exactly the way that the Democrats have historically wanted them to be. And, even better: poor, dependent black and other people can now vote for the hands that feed them.


So, here’s an answer to both questions – a two-fer in pictures.


This is the endgame…not just for poor people, but for all of society should it fall under the sway of the Democrat Left: in this video, it is vouchers. But the same applies to people dependent upon government for their health care, social security, housing or for any other of life’s essentials.


I blame FDR, LBJ, Carter, Obama and all their supporters for the incredible damage done to the characters and souls real human beings. It’s a disgrace.