School application questions that irritate me

It’s the start of another school year, and I’m filling out forms again.  This year, many of the forms are on-line, which is mostly a blessing.  The “curse” part, though, is that the forms do not allow for any flexibility in answering a question that invariably irritates me, which is the one that forces us to identify our students as “white” or “other.”  I find these racial questions offensive and un-American, insofar as they are weirdly reminiscent of the “white”/”non-white” signs that used to be an integral part of the Jim Crow South.  The computer, however, prevents me from either opting out of answering or giving a more flexible answer if I want to complete the application and get my kid into the school:

What I can opt out of, however, is letting our American military anywhere near my little darlings.  God forbid they should be tainted by the defenders of our liberties: