No matter what Michelle said, it’s Obama’s reaction that’s wrong

A video is making the rounds.  Taking during the flag folding portion of the 9/11 ceremonies, it shows Michelle Obama whispering in Barack’s ear.  He responds with a nod and a suppressed grin.  Here, see for yourself:

I dislike Michelle Obama every bit as much as the next person, but absent a credible lip reader, I’m not quite ready to dive into this one.  It’s entirely possible that she said something innocuous, although it was inappropriate and ill-mannered to give voice to it at precisely that moment.

It was Obama’s nod and grin that I found more upsetting.  No matter what Michelle said, good, bad or ugly, that he should be smiling when the flag is being folded is so disrespectful, it’s actually hard to comprehend.  Having a little joke with his wife at that moment flies into the face of his role as the leader of our country presiding over a moment of deep grief and solemnity.  He should have been stone faced, not taking time out for a pleasant little kaffee klatch with the missus.

How did the American people invite these crass, self-centered egotists into the White House?