Is Sarah Lawrence College busing its students to Wall Street protests?

In a previous post, I opined that spoiled kids who don’t want to deal with their student loans are one of the motivating forces behind the Wall Street protests.  Flush with neo-1960s pride, students have been pouring out of classrooms.  That’s not news.  One expects that from the young, Marxist-informed and excitable.

What is news (assuming it’s true) is that at least one college is helping its students get on the bus.  Literally.  A friend of a Facebook friend is a student at Sarah Lawrence, and claims that it is providing free shuttle bus services for students who want to join the protest. That’s the only source I have for this claim, so consider it currently unverified and worthy of investigation, not quotation.  Right now, I’m just asking questions.

So, does anybody have further information on a student’s claim that Sarah Lawrence College itself (rather than a third party) is providing free shuttles to take kids from school to Wall Street?  And if Sarah Lawrence is indeed busing kids into New York for protests, are any other colleges doing so?

For those who don’t know, Sarah Lawrence is a private college in Yonkers.  On its “tuition and financial aid” page, the very first thing it tells prospective students is that they’re eligible for loans:

All Sarah Lawrence students are welcome to apply for financial aid administered by the College. Applicants who are U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents are required to first apply for all external aid sources, including state and federal funds. International Students may also apply, but federal and state resources are not available to non U.S. citizens.

The reason behind this emphasis is obvious when you check out the tuition:  One year of education and housing (but not food) at Sarah Lawrence will run you (your parents, or the taxpayers funding your loan) a cool $56,282.00.  No wonder the students are so enthusiastic about getting their loans excused.