Irony alert from the Veruca Salt party (aka OWS)


Veruca Salt has been much on my mind lately, probably because I live with a teen and a tween.  “I want it now,” is the operative demand in our household.  The fact that I routinely turn a deaf ear to that malign howl doesn’t deter the Veruca practitioners with whom I live.

The OWS is a political movement made up entirely of Veruca Salts, and that’s true whether the pishers in the park come from the anarchist, socialist, communist, or fairies and unicorn points of view.  They don’t want to work.  They want to destroy instantly and, meanwhile, they want everyone else to pay for everything.  The delusional kids want all their debt to go away and to get high paying jobs (skills be damned) and world peace and transharmonic communications with aliens (and fairies and unicorns).  The socialists and communists want the instant takeover of America by a centralized government.  The anarchists want immediate chaos — and are in luck, because they’re getting it.  The politically correct, victim identity crowd want a segregated society, and they’re damn busy creating one.

“I want it now.”  “What’s yours is mine.”  “Give me, give me, give me.”  It’s not a protest movement; it’s toddler’s on parade.  But the supreme irony of all of this is that these greedy, greedy little pissants are strikingly ungenerous.  The permanent homeless, as opposed to the street partiers, enticed by gourmet food, shelter, and the safety of numbers, are descending en masse on Zuccotti Park, much to the distress of those already reaping the benefits of their free ride (emphasis mine):

“We have compassion toward everyone. However, we have certain rules and guidelines,” said Lauren Digioia, 26, a member of the sanitation committee.

“If you’re going to come here and get our food, bedding and clothing, have books and medical supplies for no charge, they need to give back,” Digioia said. “There’s a lot of takers here and they feel entitled.