Hot Chelle Rae’s “Good riddance to bad rubbish” *UPDATED*

I like Hot chelle Rae’s new break-up song. Rather than being a whiny dirge about a broken heart, it’s a cheery ditty about walking away from a disastrous, damaging relationship.  I like to think that this will be America’s theme song in November 2012, as voters give Obama the boot. (BTW, the song isn’t really called “good riddance to bad rubbish.” It’s called “Honestly.”

UPDATE:  When I posted this video, I was using my iPhone as I waited for a choral concert to begin.  Although I’m very familiar with the song (when you drive kids around, you learn pop music), I’d never seen the video.  Earl points out that the video makes the guy a selfish jerk, while the woman . . . is also a selfish jerk.  The song lyrics, however, are pretty clear:  he’s singing about someone who professes love, but who makes his life a misery.  So, ignore the video and just listen to the lyrics.  That’s the way to “get” the point I was trying to make.